Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

Hello Everyone,
It was a quick week full of ups and downs and headaches and all else that comes with missionary work and preaching the gospel...There really is not anything new to report than from last Tuesday. We taught our investigator Helen 4 times this past week and she likes to make food for us. It is not healthy food so it does not go well with the Herbal Cleanse I started last week, but I put it down. My companion on the other hand is so fussy he doesn't even eat the crust at people's houses! I told him off for that. You can be a picky eater at your own house, but when you are at someone else's...shove it in your face!
He decided to remind me today that it is about 16 and a bit days left...Thanks companion..., but this Transfer like all the others since I was in Wrexham has just flown by...You can't grab hold of time...and there is no use trying. Just keep working and trying to make the most of it. We got to know the ward and the stake better this week. It was Warrington Ward Conference and so we had the Stake officers there and President Marshall is younger, but likes to talk a lot. Sacrament was only 10 minutes over time (last meeting in this ward) which a lot of people were surprised by. =D
I was talking with Tanner and asked him what I should be studying now that I finished the Book of Mormon and we/I with his help decided that I would Study Preach My Gospel and read a chapter a day until I finished that and my yearly goals. I am on Chapter 8 now. I read 6 and 7 today. I also finished a Topical Guide Study on Patience and moved on to Forbearance. I think it is Colossians somewhere that makes the point of It is the Lord's Forbearance that leads us to Repentance. I was thinking about that and it is very true. If the Lord was like me or like Peter, as soon as something was done He didn't agree with, BOOM GAME OVER. But because He loves us, He is Forbearing and waits for us to turn it back around, time and time again...
I love you all. Keep Strong.
Doctrine and Covenants 124:15,20
20 "my servant ___________ is without guileand can be trusted for the integrity of his heartAnd for the love which he has to my testimony, I, the Lord, love him."
One of my all time favorite scriptures.
Elder Blackburn

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